Secrets Of Speed Society
Secrets Of Speed Society
UPDATED: 12/17/2019

Pay Dues Here

We have recently increased our dues structure after 14 years.
Paypal and our credit service bank do not allow us to change the amount to be charged with older AUTOMATIC renewals.
The only way to stop the automatic payments, at the old rate, was to cancel all these types of payments moving forward.
Any "autos" that came in under the wire have been accepted.
All "auto" payers dues are in good standing.  
YOU NEED TO check your expire date above your name.
You can renew anytime for 1, 2, or 3 years.
We DO NOT plan to offering Automatic payments in the future . . . . too much paperworks and hassles here.
Please email us for additional info . . . We are sorry for the confusion. . . . . [email protected]
Best Regards and thank you for your support,  Charlie and Donna
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