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OIL PAN - Model A & B 1927-1934
Updated 10/7/2020
Brand New . .
A show quality fine grained 356-T6 aluminum oil pan for your mighty 4-Banger Model A or B Ford.
Weather you're a road touring guy,  or a showman looking for the very best, or perhaps you're an airplane owner looking to lose some weight, then this is the perfect combination for your Mighty Banger . . . Hey . . .let's have more fun than the other guys!
PRICE $785.00 plus shipping
If you want one from the first run there is a $400 deposit and balance due at shipping time.
Make out your check and Mail to:
Yapp Studios Inc
3860 Cain Run Rd
Batavia Ohio 45103

If you choose not to do a deposit, there is no guarantee that you will get one soon.
These things usually sell out with in days of the offering.
OVESEAS SALES are welcome but contact me for payment options  
[email protected] or 513-724-0700 (Ohio)
The oil drain is in the stock position. Oil plug and ring gasket included.
Two bosses near bottom on both sides for gauge sending probes.
Inside there are clearance-rod-swing-pathways for the Model B engine .
If you plan to put this on Model B engine you'll need to use a Model A flywheel housing.
The pan has machined in "snap-in" slots to accept your oil pan dipper tray from 1928 to 1934.
The aluminum pan is 3/16" thick, reinforced and gusseted.
Boss provided for stock oil pump's spring to seat on based on Ford drawing.
The pan will use longer bolts in a couple positions (provided).
FINS . . .got to have fins. They run from the rear to about 2/3 up the front
The pan rail has been carefully designed to FIT out of the box.  The pan will hold about 1 extra quart of oil too.
Two of the most critical aspect is the rear and front oil seals. The curve is to the Ford drawing and comes to you with the seal cast for the Model A.  Don't worry Model B guys . . . the seam edge is a clearly marked as to where you can accurately cut away about 3/8" of material so the seal fits the B main cap. . . .SLICK!