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Water Connections
UPDATED     11/15/2018
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Water Inlet  -  With Boss                                      $49.95                              

Aluminum casting
Has 1/2" NPT boss facing firewall.
This neatly designed part helps eliminate the rats nest of tubes and wires used with temperature gauges and senders. If you've installed a hot water heater, here is your 1st best choice to tap into hot water.
DOES NOT include hardware.
Riley Two Port OHV Water Outlet                                    
$85.00                                   SOLD OUT

Fits Riley Two Port heads only.
Cast 356-T6 aluminum - Machined
Features an "averaged" angle to fit both early and late Model A and B Fords using an original or reproduction Riley Two Port.
A large boss is on the side of the Outlet that can be drilled and tapped by the customer for a variety of gages and senders.

Water Pump Adapter-A to V-8 
("A" type 4 bolt/stud mount to early Ford V-8 water pump)

$ 49.95                                        IN STOCK
Adapts Ford V-8, 1932-1936 water pump to Ford Model A flatheads AND to Riley Two Port OHV conversions.
Maintains correct alignment of pulleys.

The V-8 pump is stronger and safer with high performance engines.
Fan blade modifications required if fan is to be used.
NOTE: This adapter does NOT fit Model B water pumps
Water Pump Adapter-B to V-8 (under development)  . . . AT MACHINE SHOP 11/15/2018
We have developed a Model B head (3 bolt/studs) to early Ford V-8 water pump adapter.
The casting tooling is being tested and we hope to have these available in 2019
Prototype shown below . . . 
Water Outlet Cover Plate
Riley Two Port         $17.95       IN STOCK (shown on left)
Flathead                   $17.95       IN STOCK (shown on right)
Extra thick cast aluminum.
Won't crack under pressure.

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