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Rocket 428 Speed Head
3-23-2020  . . .If you have been here before hit the refresh in your browser to be sure to see the latest.

The Rocket 428 Speed Head has  4  or 8 spark plug capability and ships with 4 custom made spark plug hole plug/blank offs.
Note there is a tapped hole in top right corner for 1/2" npt plug or  temperature probe or hot water heater.
Each head is also tapped at one rear stud hole to accept a 1/2" eye bolt for easy lifting at Stud #8  (see gasket page for location).
Note: The machine work, chamber shapes and water jacket are the same as was on our famous but retired Lion Speed Head.
Combustion Ratio:  Should end up at 155cc(+-) which is about 6.5:1 CR with a 0.080" overbored engine. 
It has a 0.060" deep fly-cut over the pistons. Milling the head can create higher combustion ratios.
Weight: about 24 pounds
Performance: Expected to be the same as our old Lion Speed Head, which mean more than the others!! 
Potential from 75HP to over 110HP.

WELL . . .What does it look like????   It's a secret . . the head will have fins unlike any ever made. It will have eye candy and special features.

Standby for images as the Rocket 428 is developed. . . MIGHT HAVE CAD IMAGES IN ABOUT ONE WEEK
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