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Updated 9/24/2020

GASKETS & Info for 1928-1934 Ford four Cylinder Model "A" and "B" engines.
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Image above is the correct torque sequence for all Model A and B cylinder head gaskets.


Our Best Brand head gaskets do not require "sealant" if the decks are flat, near-new,  fresh, unscored and clean. Sealant is built into the gasket.
Name goes to up to sky. Start Torque at 25 pounds, using the sketch above, in numerical sequence and increase incrementally 5 pounds at a time to a final torque of 55 pounds.

ALWAYS re-torque to 55 FOOT POUNDS  a minimum of three (3) times COLD. . . . NO Shortcuts.
Run the engine with plain water to its normal running temperature and allow to cool before re-torquing.
By the 2nd tightening, seepage, in most cases, should be gone.
After the 3rd cooling and retorque you should be ready to push the engine and have fun.
Drain and fill with your choice of coolant.

NEVER lug the engine (it creates very high temperatures). Down-shift when high gear isn't enough power.

Attention - Warning:  Some cylinder heads are actually stronger than the engine block. 
After years of research concerning gasketing and sealing of Model "A" and "B" cylinder heads
it is now considered fact that over torqueing head bolts or nuts will:
Warp the cylinder bores.
Pull up metal around stud holes.
Lesson the integrity of the block's stud threads.
Effectively break the gasket seal.
Most heads are stronger than the block so additional warpage is to be expected if over torqued.
(Many old-timers may disagree but they usually are quite good at replacing head gaskets.)

What type of gasket material is best to use? 
There are several types of head gaskets available.
There are 3 types that show consistent failure in engines with compression ratios over 6:1.
1)  Copper sandwiched over composite;
2)  Silicone impregnated composite (some with red silicone).
3)  Solid gray and black composite (no steel core).
I do not have engineering data to interpret the constant failure of these  gaskets.
All I know is,  from hundreds of reported of failures,  that these types have a problem at compressions over stock 4.2:1. 
I sell and manage the sale of thousands of flathead and overhead cylinder heads.
Without a dependable, long term, strong head gasket my products would be worthless.
My cylinder heads have several special characteristics that improve gasketing.
Namely: overkill strength and super fine flat Blanchard ground surfaces. My heads are actually stronger than the block.

I only recommend Best (brand) composite GraphTite™ sandwiched over a steel core with steel compression rings.
Head gaskets sold on this page can  be used without sealant. Signed, Charlie Yapp.

BEST GASKET COMPANY:  makes up our very special cylinder head gaskets like this:
GraphTite™ consists of a Kevlar reinforced graphite facing material is mechanically bonded to both sides of a perforated steel core.  This modern engineered, high-performance material is rated to a temperature of 1400 degrees-F.  Steel fire rings are installed around the combustion chamber areas of the gasket.
GraphTite™ head gaskets have superb sealing characteristics, excellent torque retention, and hold up to the punishment dished out by high-performance engines – high quality all the way.  This gasket might be overkill for cruiser engines, but so what . .  extra reliability never hurts!
Installing GraphTite™ head gaskets;  There are two trains of thought.  The preference of Scalded Dog Speed Parts is to NOT use any sealant coatings if your head and block deck are new - fresh - and flat.  If your assembly is iffy then use a light coat of spray-on sealant like K & W Copper Coat or Permatex Copper Spray-A-Gasket.  Always re-torque, no shortcuts.  Always re-torque to 55# when engine is cold, three (3) times before hard driving.  NO shortcuts.

The number one "thing" that blows a head gasket is a combination of high engine torque and too much heat.
This is the situation found when attempting to run the engine up hill in third gear . . . When you know, in your heart, that it needed to be down shifted.  . . . . Boom!  It also can happen in drag racing and hill climbs with sudden powerful starts.

If you plan on pushing your engine (and want to get home) . . . get a back up. . . . Our special gasket box can hold up to three (3) head gaskets. Shipping in the USA is $18.50 (subject to change) whether it is 1, 2 or 3 gaskets. Buy a couple extras and save up to $33.00 in shipping.
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 Disclaimer: As much as we try to be helpful, we do not have any control as to how your engine is used or built.
 We can not warrant head gaskets after being installed and used.

These are good gaskets, installed and used properly should give excellent service.

Flathead - Cylinder Head Gasket                      

Fits Model A and B engines with up to 4" bore. Compression ratio up to 8:1 CR. This  gasket is the only head gasket we recommend.
It lasts longer and leaks less. Compresses to about .042".
Recommended Torque is 55 foot-pounds.
Higher torque settings can warp cylinders. 

Riley Two Port "F" Cylinder Head Gasket 

Fits Model A and B engines with up to 4" bore. Same specs as out flat head gasket.
Has copper fire rings around chambers.
This gasket fits original AND "Yapp" reproduction Riley Two Port OHV heads.  
Custom made by "Best" for Scalded Dog Speed Parts.
This gasket does NOT fit Riley 4 Port heads.

ROOF "F" OHV Head Gasket
(Model A & B Fords)             

Fits Model A and B engines with up to 4" bore WITH OHV conversions.
Fits Roof 101 Cyclone, Jenkins, Alexander, etc. "F" head OHV cylinder head gasket. "Best" brand.
Same specs as the flathead gaskets.
This gasket does NOT fit Riley Two Port or Riley Four Port heads.

Model B or  Model A  Ford Gasket Sets                                                          

Complete Engine Rebuild Gasket se.
Made by  the BEST GASKET CO. Fits  engines with up to 4" bore.
The head gasket is the "A" or "B"  black & steel carbon fiber sandwiched over a steel coreThis is the "BEST" one!  
We have  rebuild kits for Riley Two Port for $129.00 and  Roof 101 Cyclone for $112.00

Intake Manifold Gasket - Universal   $4.00 each                       

Fits: Riley Two Port Manifold to head; Roof 101 Cyclone Carburetor to manifold.
Measures:  Center to center of mount holes = 2-1/4", mount holes 3/8" dia., center hole 1-1/2" dia.

Roof 101 Cyclone Intake to rocker box each 
$4.00  each               IN STOCK

Exhaust - Intake Gasket                                   

One piece tin and fiber gasket works well with headers.  Can be cut for other applications.
Photo shows both sides.

Roof 101 Cyclone OHV O-Ring set                       $12.95                        

10 High quality precision O-Rings to seal the Rocker boxes to the head.

Roof 101 Cyclone Valve Cover gaskets   
$12.94 - 4 pieces  Neoprene/Cork flat.               
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