Roof 101 Cyclone OHV

We require 10 confirmed deposited orders to produce a run.
We have 4 orders as of this date and 2 in the wings.
Updated   8/10/2021
I expect to make a run of Roof 101 Cyclone OHV heads starting about October 2021.
It takes about 4 to 5 months to complete the project.
There is a $2,000.00 non-refundable deposit required
(CHECKS ONLY made out to Yapp Studios Inc.)
If, for some reason, we cannot produce the head in 8 months from beginning date, the deposit will be refunded.
Price of head kit is expected to be $5,500.00 USD plus shipping.
Weight is 110 pounds.
NOTE: costs change and price maybe slightly higher.
This cannot be made firm at this time.

International sales by PayPal only with a 4% handling fee.
Shipping overseas can be problematic these days and I would preferer to send it to a freight forwarding company in the States.

Interested  Call  Now   513-724-0700

Here is an article from Hemmings Motor News by Dan Beaudry about the original, racing and the newest Roof Cyclone 101.
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Click HERE for original Roof Advertising from 1929 - 1930
Parts are Delivered Unpolished - Repeat, Parts are Not Polished
Our ROOF 101 Cyclone Four Port OHV cylinder head conversion (tm) is a faithful reproduction of the original Robert Roof 1928 ROOF Cyclone. . . With modern improvements to enhance power and reliability. The head project was conceived by Charlie Yapp as a tribute to the original Robert Roof "Cyclone Valve-In-Head"" and newly designed with modern engineering by "Chief Engineer" Jim Roof with help from C. Yapp. The wondrous prints were hand drawn on velum by Jim Roof, grandson of the original Cyclone creator, Robert Roof. Jim's highly detailed 1st generation "blue prints" were converted to CAD-CAM files, from which the casting tooling was CNC machined from over sized blocks of urethane.

VALVES: There is one 1.75" dia. intake valve in the head (larger valves can be fitted by owner if desired) and one exhaust valve in the block per cylinder. Total of 8 valves. Using 1.732" /1.750" diameter exhaust valves (in block) will add power.
This "F" type head (intakes overhead, exhaust in block camshaft in block) has "unheard of volumetric breathing capability" taking the vintage Ford Model A or B to 113 HP (minimum) at 3300 rpm. There are many tricks and much more power if you know the secrets of speed. . . . The head is designed with extra cast iron to make it possible to re-machine the valve seats to install 2" + intakes in the field. . . . the true top end has not been discovered.

ROCKERS: To make this head strong and reliable, an off-the-shelf roller rocker system is used, giving a 1.5:1 ratio at the over-head intakes.

CAMSHAFT: A Model B or touring camshaft will be enough to make some serious power.

FITS: The Roof 101 Cyclone is made to fit the 1928-1934 Model A and B Ford, the German G28T and Burtz-Block engines. We make these historic and popular cylinder heads once every other year. A production run depends on customer's continued demand. Our last run of 12 heads was shipped January, 2017We have sold 90 units since we shipped the first run in 2010. They are dependable, easy to setup and proving to be quite popular.
The ROOf 101 Cyclone cylinder head has 6 castings and about 50 parts total. . . kit shipping weight is 110 pounds.
We look at this as an exciting opportunity and a decent investment for you.
We are happy to work with overseas customers.
Checks Prefered (no up-charge).
Cards and PayPal accepted with 4% added
Ohio state Tax of 6.50% for Ohio residences
Manifold: ROOF (branded) one, two or three carburetor
down-draft intake manifold Included
These parts are not required but do enhance the experience
ROOF aluminum side valve cover.
Timing Cover Ignition System.
Carburetor adapter(s) . . . 1 to 3 needed (2 included)
Crankshaft pulley
Split-Y Header System
Stromberg 81 Carburetors
Stromberg Linkage
High Performance Ignition Systems
Dress up side plates
and much more . . . 
 Not required if parts are in stock

Deposit of $2000.00 (CHECKS PLEASE) is required in advance for each head ordered. This guarantees that you will get a cylinder head(s). The deposit is refundable up until the castings have been ordered, thereafter the deposit is nonrefundable.  If Yapp Studios, Inc. can not deliver as promised deposits will be returned without interest. Balance due for the head and any optional parts ordered will be billed approximately 30 days before shipping. Some parts can be shipped ahead as needed. Please ORDER optional parts sooner than later.

Since 1998 this is how we handle the costs to built your head.
We have a 99.9% perfect record.
Delivery date is an estimate.
Start date is an estimate.  
News of this project will be posted on this page
or a link on this page will take you to the latest news.

PHONE 513-724-0700  OR EMAIL: [email protected]
A signed Hold Harmless Release is required.
No Roof Cylinder head can be shipped without the signed release in our files.
To read the Release please click HERE
One of our past buyers called to say that "the release was the best advertising piece that we could put out there". We agree, but it is also important.
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