Updated 11/18/2021

Rocket  428 
High  Compression  Cylinder Head  

NEWS 11/18/2021
Heads NOW in the Machining Process
NOW accepting deposited ($400 DOWN) for each order.
Delivery about 1st of year 2022.
Please send your $400 deposit
Deposits are held in escrow to pay foundry.
Make out & send your Check or Money Order to:
Yapp Studios Inc
3860 Cain Run Rd
Batavia OH 45103
You will receive a statement back showing amount paid.
Balance will be due at shipping time.

Deposits are non-refundable 
unless we can not produce.
Production time tables are estimates.
Shipping costs and timing are estimates.
Balance is due at shipping time, within 30 days after notice.
Late payment risks losing deposit and product will go to next customer on list.
All heads are 6.5:1CR and can produce 82HP easily
and 110+ HP with all the "secrets".
Heads will be packed with a small bag of loose parts and
the INSTRUCTION sheet with spark plug info.
You will find the sheet between the outer box and the inner cardboard liner.
The Original Rocket 428 Hi-compression 6.5:1 CR cylinder head for 
Ford Model A and B engines with dual spark-plug capability.
AVAILABLE in two versions:

1: Original Rocket 428 Deluxe at  . . . . $750 plus ship
8 spark-plug ready with 12 head nut washers and 4 Plug Seals.

2: Original Rocket 428 Super Deluxe at  . . . . $1065 plus ship 
8 spark-plug ready with 12 head nut washers and 4 Plug Seals.
Comes with Thruster Tube and 4 Machined Ports,
8 bolts/washers and 4 O-ring seals.
(requires a pusher water pump).
Water pump block off Plate
Water Outlet finned block off plate

A deposit of $400 down required and balance at shipping.

14mm, 3/4" reach, flat seat with ring gaskets not supplied.

Sign up today with your deposit and you will get a
Rocket 428 Speed head.
Contact Scalded Dog Speed Parts at 513-724-0700 or email your interest to [email protected]
One of my best customers, Charlie Blevins (MD), just got his Rocket blue powdered coated and polished back from the polisher. THAT IS REALLY SOMETHING!!
Send in you photos and we'll put them right here.
The Rocket 428 Deluxe comes in 2 versions.
Click HERE 
to see more of the Super Deluxe Thruster version
Spark plugs on driver's side are the default position.
Top side plugs come with our custom Plug Seal.
Of course you don't have to, but when you're ready to go to 8 spark plugs your Rocket 428 will be ready. Smoke'n
Each head has a special 1/2 NPT boss on top ready to accept your
hot water gauge sender or heater.
Above: The special made ring gaskets are for the stainless steel spark hole seals. 
4 of each ship with the head.
Plug seals are available separately for other cylinder heads with dual plugs
 with 14mm 3/4" threads.  $20.00 each
Below are a few of the first run of Rocket 428 . . "Flash" would be so proud.

Send DEPOSIT checks only made out and mailed to: 

Include your EMAIL to receive an INVOICE receipt or ask for a hard copy mailed.
Overseas buyers please contact me for arrangements.
The Water Thruster Pipe is designed to fit the the Rocket 428 Speed Head.
It can be fit to other engines and cylinder head. 
Think V8-60 and 4 cylinder aircraft and more.
Thruster Pipe is also sold separately unmachined . . .$180.00 each plus ship

Fits all Ford Model A, B, G28T, Gaz, British & Canadian
engines 1928-1934
356-T6 fine grained aluminum casting. Polishable.
6.5:1 compression ratio (CR).
Eight (8) spark plug capable for DUAL spark ignitions.
Ships with four (4) spark "plug seals" to run with SINGLE spark ignitions.
Light-weight 24-26 pounds.
Use stock stud sizes and Model A water pump or V-8 pump adapter.
Water port, top rear, for temperature gauge or heater.
Use carbon-fiber-over-steel Model B Ford head gasket (we sell).

Accepts large intake & exhaust valves up to 1.750".
Round 3.98" dia. X 0.060" deep fly-cut protects your pistons.
Runs naturally cooler.
Chambers same as the retired Lion Speed Head IV . . proven superior performance.
Chambers surrounded with extra metal to hold heat for more HP.
Spark plugs on side at 45 degree (prime default position) produce more HP, than over the valves, with a best of class flame front.
Optional Dual Spark ignition produces even more HP and cleaner burn.
Scalded Dog Speed Parts, 3860 Cain  Run Rd, Batavia OH 45103, USA .
Phone (513) 724-0700, EST