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UPDATED   1-22-2022

In the 1930’s George Riley, the famous race engine designer, discovered that stock Model "A" water pumps would spin too fast for the best rate of cooling at higher engine RPMs, like normal traffic today. 

If you drive fast you'll need this important part . . . 

If you race, this is the one that won't explode from centrifugal force. 

Our newest pulley is 5-1/2" inches in diameter. 

FIT FORD MODEL "A" & "B" (1928-1932)  ENGINES

Steel, one piece, machined from billet. 
  • "An exceptionally fine piece of equipment!" 
  • Finest quality, precision, fully CNC machined and balanced.
  • Hi-Speed design has a reduced diameter to 3-1/2".
  • Reduces water overflow by slowing pump RPM approximately 28%. 
  • BEST for higher road speeds.
  • 10/20 degree timing marks.
  • USE OUR V-BELT, sized slightly shorter for a neat appearance.

  • ALTERNATOR: Normal charging occurs after a quick rev-up to 1500 rpm.
  • GENERATOR: The 3rd brush can be moved to increase charge.
  • FRONT OIL SEAL: Steel pulleys last many engine lifetimes.
    • Aluminum pulleys allow the crank oil seal to cut into the soft pulley shank. 
    • Aluminum can "give" at the crank nut or mount bolt.
  • SAFETY: Steel pulleys do not explode or crack like cast iron pulleys 
  •  in high speed environments.
  • Be safe, Steel is required by serious professionals.

Crankshaft Pulley - STEEL Single
IN STOCK . . . . (our best seller)
  • Comes with grade 8 bolt and washer.
  • Black Oxide coating.
  • 3.5" diameter Hi-Speed sized.
  • Uses 5/8" Belt  NOT included. 
  • Optional belt listed below.
Crankshaft Pulley  -  Dual

  • Used with air-conditioning.
  • With grade 8 bolt and washer.
  • Steel black oxide coating.
  • 5/8" & 3/8" belts
  • 3.5" diameter (Hi-Speed size)
Crankshaft Pulley
STEEL Single 5/8 BELT
LARGE  5.5"  Dia. FORD Stock Size

  $185.00 IN STOCK 
  • With grade 8 bolt and washer
  • Black Oxide Coating.
  •  Matches stock pulley mechanical specs.
  • 5/8" belt - 5.50" diameter (stock size)
  • ALSO, in DUAL 5/8" belt  
  • $385.00
  • (Special Order-PLEASE CALL)

Crankshaft Pulley
 STEEL Dual 5/8"

5/8" belts - 3.5" Dia. (Hi-Speed)
With grade 8 bolt & washer
Black Oxide Coating
Timing marks
Dual 5/8" belts
Mounting Bolt Washer Set
Replacement Part

  • Grade 8 Bolt is to be torqued to 125 foot pounds of torque.
  • This set comes with each pulley.             



Our OPTIONAL smaller Vee belt 

takes up the combined slack of an alternator's small pulley 

and our 3.50" crank pulley.

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