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Model A Ford Clubs - There are many clubs in local areas  - Google for them.
International: MODEL A FORD CLUB OF AMERICA (MAFCA):  http://www.mafca.com
International: MODEL A FORD RESTRORERS CLUB (MARC):  http://model-a-ford.org
International: MODEL A FORD FOUNDATION INC. (MAFFI):  http://www.maffi.org
      MAFFI is primarily a foundation dedicated to collecting and maintaining the Model A Museum at The Gilmore in Michigan
Model T Ford Clubs
International: MODEL T FORD CLUB OF AMERICA (MTFCA):  http://www.mtfca.com
      The MTFCA also houses and maintains the Model T Museum in Indiana.
International: MODEL T FORD CLUB INTERNATIONAL (MTFCI):  http://www.modelt.org
Clubs - Other Inline 4-6-8 Hopped-up Engine Clubs         
Chevy Speedster Club:   www.VCCA-Speedsters.org
Vintage Chevrolet 4 cylinder powered Speedsters 1914 -1928 -  Newsletter Quarterly in electronic format only.
Inliners  International:   http://www.inliners.org    
Primarily inline straight 4/6/8 engine powered vintage vehicles. Newsletter bi-monthly - printed
    Northwest Vintage Speedsters:     http://www.nwvs.org/
     Primarily Model T engine powered speedster club - Newsletter - printed
 Secrets Of Speed Society:  - Vintage Ford Speed & Sport  -  www.secretsofspeed.com
        Primarily Model A & B & T Ford four banger powered  - Journal quarterly -  printed
Basics - How and What - Model A
Hoosier Model A Ford Club:  http://modelabasics.com/
Body Parts - Speedsters
ANTIQUE MOTOR SPORTS:  http://stores.ebay.com/antique-t-motor-sports-llc    ............ Custom Speedster Bodies
BLAZING FAST HIPPOS: http://www.blazingfasthippo.com/    ............. Custom Speedster Bodies, email: [email protected]  
MIDWEST SPEEDSTER:   www.MidwestSpeedster.com    ............. Custom Speedster Bodies
OLYMPIC SPEEDSTERS:  http://www.olympic-speedsters.com/     .......... Custom Speedster Bodies
ROOTLIEB:  http://www.rootlieb.com/home.html     ............ Speedster Buckboard kits
STOINOFF'S RESTORATIONS:  http://www.stoinoff.com/  .......... Custom Speedster Bodies
Brakes - Hydraulic - New & Used Parts
MT BRAKES:  http://www.mtcarproducts.com
DENNIS CLING:  https://www.clingsaftermarket.com
MODEL A ONLY.NET:   http://modelaonly.net
 SPEEDWAY MOTORS:  http://www.speedwaymotors.com

Camshafts - New & Reground
JIM BRIERLEY CAMS (email):    [email protected]
OREGON CAMSHAFT:   http://www.oregoncamshaft.com/Ford-Model-A.html
DENNIS PIRIANO ENGINES:  http://www.modelaparts.net  
STIPE CAM:   http://www.specialtymotorcams.com
Stipe Cams make new billet steel cam blanks as well as grinding.
                    Most Dealers offer reground camshafts.
Carburetors - New & Parts
STROMBERG & HOLLEY 94 CARBS:  http://vintagespeed.com
DENNIS CARPENTER:  http://dennis-carpenter.com
BOB DRAKE:  https://www.bobdrake.com
STROMBERG 97 CARBS:  http://www.stromberg-97.com
Non retail - but terrific website to learn more about the 97s.
  SPEEDWAY MOTORS:  http://www.speedwaymotors.com

SCALDED DOG SPEED PARTS:  http://www.secretsofspeed.com/speed-parts.htm

Crankshafts - New
SCAT CRANKSHAFT:  http://www.scatcrankshafts.com
BURLINGTON CRANKSHAFT:   http://www.burlingtoncrankshaft.com

Cylinder Heads - High Compression & OHV Conversions
RED'S HEADERS:  http://www.reds-headers.com
MILLER HI SPEED HEADS:  http://www.millerhi-speedheads.com

SNYDERS:  http://www.snydersantiqueauto.com
SCALDED DOG SPEED PARTS:  http://www.secretsofspeed.com/parts

Engines - Rebuild Machine Shop
DENNIS PIRIANO ENGINES (TX):    http://www.modelaparts.net  
J & M MACHINE WORKS (MA): http://jandm-machine.com/index.html
RON'S ENGINE MACHINE SHOP (OH) (email):   [email protected]
SCHWALM'S ENGINE MACHINE SHOP (PA):   http://www.schwalms.com/customers.htm
STAN VERMEIL ENGINES CCA) (email):    [email protected]
ANTIQUE ENGINE REBUILDIING (IL) : http://www.antiqueenginerebuilding.com
Quite possibly the largest dedicated Ford Model A & B engine re-builder in the USA.
Maker of Valve Systems, Insert Bearings, Timing gears, A and B Rods.
Ignition Systems
FIRST STREET IGNITION ( FSI):  http://www.fsignitions.com
AIRES MUFFLER:  http://www.amuffler.com
Parts - Dealer - General - NEW
BERTS:  http://modelastore.com
BRATTONS:  http://www.brattons.com
SMITH & JONES:  http://www.snjparts.com 
 SPEEDWAY MOTORS:  http://www.speedwaymotors.com
MACS:   http://www.macsautoparts.com
SNYDERS:  http://www.snydersantiqueauto.com

Parts - Dealer  - General - Used
MODEL T HAVEN: http://www.modelthaven.com/cars-pre
BERT'S MODEL A STORE: http://modelastore.com
ROSS PISTONS:  http://rosspistons.com
Radiator - New   -   Most dealers carry replacement radiators.
BRASS WORKS:  http://www.thebrassworks.net/
RESEARCH:   dig up info - Some charge for info others are free.
FORD GARAGE: http://www.fordgarage.com/
HOOSIER MODEL A FORD CLUB:  http://modelabasics.com/   Great website for learning
Speed Parts - New
RED'S HEADERS:  www.reds-headers.com
SCALDED DOG SPEED PARTS: www.secretsofspeed.com/parts

SPEEDSTERS: . . . . See Body Parts
Timing Gears - Metal
DAN Mc EACHREN: [email protected]
SNYDERS: www.snydersantiqueauto.com

Welding - Alloy & Cast Iron
MUGGY WELD:  http://muggyweld.com   (easy home welding of cast iron)

Winfield Carburetor Repair and Gaskets:   Steve Sturim, Steve’s Antique Auto, Grand Rapids, MI  [email protected]