Our "Y" header system is a complete kit from the block ports to the outlets. All hardware is included. You must weld collector pipes to supplied oval steel flanges. A clean installation.

The cast iron creates a special deep mellow tone. When combined with a glass pack muffler(s) it exceeds the expectations of most builders. As straight pipes to the rear the sound is pretty cool. You can not get this fabulous gutteral tone with steel tubes . . .just ain't going to happen.

Sound controll: Cast iron tones down the note. Steel pipes do not; Higher compression makes a sharper bang note, Diameter of pipes (larger = deeper bubbly sound); and Muffler. I recomend a 3-1/2" straight through glass pack with 2" in/out dia.. Straight pipes (no muffler) sound pretty good too. Yes, these "Y" headers cost more but nohting sounds as serious like a banger with babies.
Want to hear it??  Click HERE. . . . turn up sound!!
N'ough said.