Exhaust Headers

Updated  9/21/2021

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Exhaust header Gasket

Metal clad one piece. Can be cut in sections for intake manifold seal.
Photo is of metal front (silver) and back side (grey).

Header Plates

 Both sizes: 4 or 6 hole

Only from Scalded Dog Speed Parts: Our 1/2" thick plates are special.
The back side has a chamfer machined into the exhaust port holes.
Your welder inserts the 1-1/2" dia. steel tube into the hole, flush with the backside and welds into the chamfer. The finished job will not show welding for a nice clean install.
The corners are nicely rounded.
4 hole version is for welding a header to fit an engine built up with an "F" head type OHV conversion like the Rileys, Roofs and many more era conversions, where the exhaust ports are in the block and the unused intake ports need to be covered.

Each exhaust hole is CNC chamfered on the back side to receive
weld for a clean front side look.  
Holes are 1.5" Dia. and plate is cut from 1/2" thick steel stock.
Fits Model A and B Fords.
Depending on final application
these may require longer mount studs or bolts.

Split -Y Headers

$200.00 Deposit required ships Jan/22 (+-)

Fits all Model B and A engines.
Two Iron "Y" castings, 4 gland rings, 2 weldable header flange plates,
hardware,  lower gaskets and full Instructions.

Deep mellow tone.
Not loud and treble like tube headers.
These can be fed into one pipe or into two pipes.
Castings are fine grained quality and take coatings nicely.
Video:  Walk around -  click HERE.
Video:  Hear the muffler system at work - click HERE.

In the early 1960's a gentleman in Washington State was playing around with a couple Model A intake manifolds trying to see if he could make an exhaust header. He ended up making a pair of castings that worked and looked neat.  
C. Yapp bought his patterns but found that they needed modernizing.
New modern casting tooling was developed to improve the castability.

Each set of Split-Y headers are strong and
braced for long service, with a nice surface quality.  
They look "steampunk".
Sound is deep, mellow and leaves no doubt
that you have the power.
Common tin pipe headers have a harsh high treble sound.
 The cast iron Split-Y headers give a smooth rumble.  
Believe me, nothing in the hobby sounds or looks so good.
They're good for 5 HP increase to boot.
All hardware is included. 
Shown here are the flanges, gaskets and nut/bolt/washers.
These 2 steel flanges are used to weld your collector pipes to.
Shown are set of 4 gland rings for port alignment, header to block bolts and special over sized washers. Instructions included.
Fits all Model B and A engines. Filter side plates and B fuel pumps can not be used.
Most dual downdraft intake manifolds fit.
Most single downdraft do not fit.
Updraft manifolds do not fit.
Hardware Kit - as shown
$25.00  IN STOCK
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