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Welcome to the ROOF Report . . .  On this page you will find information about the production process as it happens.
At anytime when you feel the need for a more personal approach please contact me, Charlie Yapp,
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ROOF Report - Production News

NEWS 6-3-2016:  SHIPPED. All heads paid for in full were shipped via UPS June 3rd !!
NEWS 5-27-2016: The Roof heads have had their valve jobs 100% completed and 100% successful on that level. One more hole to drill and tap. Should pick up Tuesday or Wednesday next week and do final assembly,  pack and begin shipping. Thanks to those of you that have paid in full and yours will be the first to leave.

The boxes are coming insured. BE SURE TO INSPECT THE BOX. The best way to open the box is to cut the top tape and then lay it on its side and cut the bottom tape. Lift the box so the board mounted head slides out the bottom (HEAVY). That way you will save the "cool" box for wall hanging,  returns or storage. SHIPPING DAY will be posted HERE.
NEWS 5-20-2016: 
Manifolds and Side Plates have been ship out to paid up buyers. NOTE; Name plates were not installed. They will be in head box.
Well, we had a small set back . . the valves came with 47.3 degree facings and all had to be kissed back to 45 degrees. That's not too bad. Then the shop went to install the valves and found the bag of retainers, while labeled correctly had the wrong size parts. So replacements had to be ordered and should be at the shop today or this coming Monday. 
The parts and gasket boxes are loaded, packed and wrapped. These will go into the main head box. When the heads are back to my shop I will clear the oil lines and install the rocker studs. The rocker parts (rockers, poly-lock-nuts, spacer hardened washers and jam nut) will not be installed as they may get damaged in shipping. They are an easy drop in assembly for you. This is a good thing. It teaches you how it works and how it is adjusted for lash (valve clearance).
After that, the only big job left for us is to cut up the packing foam sheets, mount heads to plywood base and pack.
NEWS 5-5-2016:
I ordered 17 heads and 16 turned out excellent. One will be set aside for spares. The heads were assembled to the rocker boxes and loaded up and delivered to the valve shop. The valve shop usually needs about a week to install the valve train and insure that the system works smoothly. Donna and I are off, this long weekend, to the kids and the grand kids, up in MI . . . school plays and soccer games . . .got to do it.
On return we will assemble the parts kits and make ready to ship intake manifolds, side plates and optional parts ordered.
The front Timing Cover Ignition System is till at the machine shop. Those loose parts are in and ready to assemble. . .just waiting. Most buyers have paid their balance due . . .THANK YOU . . That enables us to pay our suppliers on time.

The heads will be inspected this week and rocker boxes assembled. Then head go to Valve Shop for seats and valve installs. On return to this shop they will be packed and readied for shipment.

NOTE: We are taking orders for optional parts and will fill them on 1st come, first served basis. The Y-headers are all but sold out. I am having more cast up and they should be ready later this summer. 

NEWS: 4/1/2016:  
         The ROOF 101 heads are nearly finished at the primary machine shop. They are literally doing the water pump mounts on all the heads next week and the intake manifolds. The small parts that require machining from scratch have been ordered and should show in 3 weeks weeks. Side plates, valve covers and name plates are in.

When the heads arrive here they will go to the valve shop for the valve install and then back to us for packing and shipping.

NOW is a good time order optional parts. We made enough to fill orders and a few extras. If you haven't ordered yet please do so soon so you get what you need: extra gaskets, carb adapters, crankshaft pulleys, front Cover Ignition System , Y-Headers and more.

Timing looks like late April or early May for shipping.

We are updating your invoices and will be sending them out for balance due next week.
We would appreciate your early payment as the bills are coming in.

NEWS: 12/18/2015: Aluminum foundry has the Roof tooling and our meeting today was excellant. Nice people and terrific facilities. They have  us down for a 4 to 5 week turnaround. The machine samples were sent to Chicago today and they will be going over the print and samples in the next few weeks. When the aluminum parts arrive they will start in earnest.  I have 5 units left to sell.​

NEWS: 12/10, 2015:  All cylinder head cast iron castings were finished and shipped to my Chicago CNC machine shop today. That was fast!
The aluminum will take a bit longer. . . but it all should come together in good fashion. I have 5 units left to sell.
December 10, 2015: All cylinder head cast iron castings were finished and shipped to my Chicago CNC machine shop today. That was fast!
​The aluminum will take a bit longer. . . but it all should come together in good fashion.

You will need a 1932 Model B water pump. Mac's Antique Auto Parts has a leakless style available at a good price.
The 1933 and 1934 Model B water pumps are shorter to line up with the shorter crank pulley and generator mount. This was because the radiators were tilted back and would hit the fan blades.  I recommend you find one sooner than later to have it ready. LINK IS HERE

My best estimate for shipping is the last week or the first week of May​November 17, 2015: IT IS GO!! Eleven units have been sold and cast iron order for 16 units has been placed.

NOW is the time to let me know if you are building a Model A or Model B engine. I will order the side plate castings soon and I MUST know if you want the "A" size or the "B" size side plates . . . .Please note on you deposit receipt that the default plate is the Model A sized plate.  I do understand that in some cases you really do not know yet. But please try to make your best guess. I'll make a few extras incase you want to switch out . . . but there will not be enough if all of you need to switch. Some parts like the side plates will be shipped as soon as they are machined. DOUBLE CHECK NOW please.

ALSO: Please put some thought to the OPTION PARTS you'll be needing from me. The may have to be cast and machined too.
October 27, 2015: As of today we have 7 buyers with deposits in.
There are 4 more men that have talked to me that are thinking about it, talking with the wife, family and grand kids. I am so confident this is a go. If a Roof is in your plans for your next build or your thinking about upgrading . . give me a call and we can make it happen.
October 16, 2015: We started taking deposits about October 1st after a strong promotion in Secrets Magazine. As of today we have firm commitments from 6 buyers. Based on this terrific 15 day progress I feel sure that the project will go. If you've been holding back to see how many sign up . . please, now is the time  . . . and you will save a chunk of change. Until next report, my best, Charlie Yapp
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