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Lion Speed Head
UPDATED    7/8/2019

NEWS - 7/8/2019:
The aluminum Lion Speed Head IV's are cast . .Yaaa! (2 months late)  and should arrive at machine shop today or tomorrow.
I have begun conversations with the shop about the dimensions and quality control.  We are on schedule.
I inspected the heads, prior to shipping from Cincinnati, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois.
Really nice castings. Charlie

NEWS - 5/28/1019: 
Cast Iron Lion Speed Heads have been cast and are shipping to our machine shop today.
The Aluminum version should be done soon. 
When all the parts are at the machine shop the process of machining will begin.
We have a few heads left. 
If this is the head you want then now is a good time to step up with your $200 Deposit.
There is no guarantee that heads will be left over.  
Those with deposits will get the best of the lot.
Call 513-724-0700 or email [email protected] and send your contact info and we will send an invoice right back to you.

NEWS - 4/26/2019: 
Invoices were prepared today and will emailed or mailed on Monday the 29th.
 Pay only the $200 Deposit.
ALUMINUM HEADS . . . . there are few left. I could ordered more.
IRON HEADS . . .  SOLD OUT . . . Iron foundry is backlogged and can not do additional castings due to timing issues.

NEWS - 4/17/2019: Castings are in progress . . . Cores made and test castings are nice. 
We will be billing each customer for the $200 deposit In a few days.
The balance due will be rebilled about 30 days before shipping.

Send a letter or email to [email protected]  with ONLY your Name, Address and all contact info and how many and what type you want.

We will print out your email (or letter) and add it to the  Lion  waiting File.
When the castings have begun we will send you an invoice with $200 non-refundable deposit due on receipt.
You will be given 2 weeks to make the deposit payment. If not received your name will be removed from the list.
Checks only for deposits.  Balance can be paid with a card . . Checks preferred please  
(Overseas PayPal only accepted + 4%).
You will be notified when to pay the balance.
6.75 Tax is charged to residence of Ohio.

TIMING: FROM TODAY'S DATE (2/14/2019)  . . . ROUGH
We are looking at 8 to 10 weeks for castings and 8 weeks more for machining.
A timing estimate is ROUGHLY October 2019. . . .  I said Roughly . . .that means PLEASE be flexible.
As we proceed through the process I will be able to tighten the date.
The economy in the USA is booming and all my suppliers are busy and working at full bore.

Sorry no discounts on Lion cylinder heads

Scalded Dog Speed Parts 
Lion Speed Head Project
3860 Cain Run Rd 
Batavia OH 45103
LION SPEED HEAD III . . . Cast iron . . .  $650.00 plus shipping . . . Nicholed iron heat treated  6.5:1 CR
LION SPEED HEAD IV-4 . . . Aluminum . . .$650.00 plus shipping . . .  machined for 4 spark plugs on side  (356-T6 Aluminum) 6.5:1 CR
LION SPEED HEAD IV-8 . . .  Aluminum . . . $700.00 plus shipping . . .  Machined for 8 spark plugs on side and top  (356-T6 Aluminum) 6.5:1 CR
Dual plug version requires a specialized dual fire ignition.
Scroll down to see more images and links to more info.
Aluminum Weight 24 pounds . . . Iron Weight 48 pounds
Lion Speed Head III Iron above and below.

(1) One of our most import features is that each head is heat treated to relax the grain of the casting. This stops warping of the casting all through the various steps to machine the head.
(2) Another is that we have nickel added to the iron mixture. This makes it stronger for a lifetime of strength.
(3) Each iron casting (not aluminum) is sprayed with an electro-coated semi gloss black paint. This is to prevent premature rust in handling and storage. The machined surfaces are not painted and you can apply any type of coating over the black.
(4) At the machine shop we tap (thread) one rear stud hole to 1/2"-13 treads. This is so you can screw in an eye bolt to assist in lowering and lifting the head to and from the engine. The stud must be removed to utilize this clever feature.

This image shows nine "cores" waiting to be added to the molds. Cores are the part of the process that make the hollow water jacket in the cylinder heads. This material turns to dust after pouring the iron mix and is shaken out leaving a hollow space.
Look closely and you'll see 4 small rectangle depressions in a row. These end up being strong support bosses above the combustion chambers, that greatly improve strength and rigidity of the head, both from warpage and from combustion pressures. . . just another feature of the iron Lion Speed Head III that makes it the most powerful and desirable head in the field.  All our heads have this feature.
Images from our foundry. These are the painted cores (water jackets) placed into the mold and then the second half of the mold is laid in place. These are then rolled down the conveyor line to the pouring station to pouring. They build and pour about 8 or so at a time.
Model A & B Ford High Compression Cylinder Head
Fits 1928 to 1934 Ford Four Bangers

Send me an email ([email protected]
or call 513-724-0700 - M-THUR, EST, 9 am -5 pm
Closed Friday-Sunday
Leave short message if no answer 

  • Required
  • There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit required for each head ordered. 
  • This guarantees that you get as many heads as you want. . . . . this included Dealers.
  • We seldom, if ever, have extra heads to sell off the shelf.
  • We make these heads once a year.
  • If you chicken-out you lose the deposit.
  • There is no specific time, only a general time-frame for delivery.
  • The deposit is not a credit toward other product or future production.
  • The deposit is refundable only if we fail to produce.
  • Deposit can be with your personal, MO or bank check (CARDS CAN NOT BE TAKEN FOR LONG TERM DEPOSITS). 
  • We are a small business and often get bumped at foundries and machine shops when the big boys get in the way.
  • Questions about this policy?  Please email or call us: [email protected] or 513-724-0700, Monday to Thursday, EST, 9-5

Lion Speed Head III  . . . In casting process
NO DISCOUNTS  . . . . .  $650.00 plus shipping
Special nickle added cast iron, heat treated, painted black and CNC machined to perfection.
Offered only in 140 cc chambers and with 4 spark plug holes (approx 6.9:1 CR)
(8 plug NOT available in iron).
Same great head but in long lasting cast iron.
110+ HP tricked out . . . If you know the Secrets Of Speed.
Weight 48 pounds .
General Information

Each Lion Speed Head now features a threaded stud hole (at #8) to screw in a 1/2"-13 lifting eye.
Lift with a strap from the eye bolt  to the water pump hole.
LION Speed Head chambers are CNC machined and special in several ways: Each are equal in cc'c,  each will accept up to 1.75" dia. valve heads and can be machined to accept 2" valves.

Circular  fly-cut above the pistion is 0.060" (+-) deep.
Our head gaskets "crush" to about 0.042"/ 0.044" @ 55 foot lbs.
Most engine rebuilds have 0.20" to 0.40" piston pop-up.
The Lion will accommodate almost any rebuild with safety space to spare.

FYI: "Squish" is that space between the piston top and the round chamber ceiling. More power is created when "squish" is at it's closest. We give the customer a little extra space for safety. Customized decking of the head to improve "squish" can be done at your end to maximize HP and torque. The rule of thumb is 0.020" squish at TDC is good/safe.
DYNO TESTING: The lion Speed Head has broken at least one Land Speed Record and more attempts are in the works.
Click this button to see the extensive Dynamometer testing on a wide variety of set ups.
Look around Dennis Piranio's  site it's loaded with good information (DYNO CHARTS below).
LION III iron & IV aluminum cylinder heads feature almost exactly the same HP and torque curves.
Only the aluminum IV has 8 plug capability & a water temperature port on top in back corner.
WEIGHT: Iron version is 48#.   The aluminum is 24#.
HORSEPOWER out of the box is about 78 with mostly stock appointments.
HP in highly modified engines, as high as 190 HP, has been documented.
70 HP to 110 HP is possible in nicely restored street engines.
COMPRESSION RATIO: Lion Heads are machined to 6.5:1 CR and can be machined to approx 12:1 CR.
Our 6.5CR has near the same cylinder pressure as other heads machined to 7:1CR.
SPARK PLUGS: Primaries  are on the driver's side and require ignition wires to connect.
Lion Heads run better with a "cool" plug like AC Delco R44XLS (14mm, 3/4" reach, flat seat with ring gasket, non projected nose, cool heat).
WATER PUMP mount is for either a Model A water pump or a Model A to early Ford V-8 conversion adapter.
HEAD GASKETS are extra and stocked. NEVER use a copper head gasket with an aluminum cylinder head. Use carbon and aramid fiber gaskets with a steel core and steel fire rings. Adding a zinc bar or two to your coolant plus antifreeze for aluminum engines will greatly reduce electrolysis.
SPECIAL PROJECTS:  We can produce a Lion Speed Head IV to just about any dimension you need. An example of a "Special" might be: Head casting machined except for the combustion chambers. . customer who wants a trick cylinder head made to his research and testing. This customer may shape the chambers, change the thickness, create new angles and spark plug positions to try to squeak out a few more HP. The Lion Speed Head is the only Model A and B Ford cylinder head capable of such manipulation because it was designed that way (there are limits) . . .We have cast in more wall thickness in and around the combustion chambers and deck to play with.
If you order a Special head, as roughly described, from a normal full production run, the cost will be our normal retail price. If outside a normal run there will be extra charges.

 IMPORTANT NOTE about Compression Ratio (CR): 

We provide Lion heads at 6.5:1 CR.
Higher CR can be machined at $150.00 extra per 1/8".
The owner can easily have their head milled to as high a CR as they want locally.
WHAT'S with the spark plug positions? As with all of the cylinder heads I make the spark plug position, on the driver's side, was part of something my gut told me would prove to be an effective place to be  . . . The conventional wisdom was that it would not . . . .The original Riley-Valve-In-Head (Two Port OHV) had the valves on the driver's side. It was this first version of George Riley's product line that won more races on salt and dirt tracks in the 1930's. When he switched plug positions (to make foundry casting easier)  the numbers dropped off when the spark plugs were moved to the passenger side. Other OHV conversions started winning (source; 4 cyl. racing engines used/wins from 1930-1935 race results) .

I also subscribe to the thought train that if one is to make Hop-Up speed parts . . .They should look like it and not dumbed down to look stock. Have fun and go for it . . you will have more fun than the other guys!

Professional Engine builder Dennis Piranio, Denton, Texas thought so too . . . He was capabale and interested enough to find out. With his performance dedicated Model A Dyno he prove it. Click the button to see the report that shows 2-3 more HP at our default position. Read Dennis' interesting comments on the Lion Speed Head.  Thanks, Dennis!


Tell us what you want and we will put you on the waiting list.
We need full name, billing/shipping address, phone and email address.
We will invoice you for the $200 non-refundable deposit about the time the castings are STARTED.
Remember - checks only for deposit.
Checks, Visa, MC, Disc. & PayPal accepted for balance.
OVERSEAS orders must be paid with PayPal (easy to do). 
A 4% HANDLING FEE on overseas orders only. 
We can easily arrange for a Bank Transfer if prefered.  
Charlie Yapp   (513) 724-700 (OH)   [email protected]
Scalded Dog Speed Parts, 3860 Cain  Run Rd, Batavia OH 45103, USA . Phone (513) 724-0700, EST.  [email protected]